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I have always been interested in Rongoā Māori (Māori medicine), probably due to treatments administered by my grandmother. It was not until I had my own children that I felt the need to actually pursue the remedies myself, and then to administer them.

Knowledge of the healing properties of New Zealand Manuka honey has been spreading in recent years. The Manuka tree offers many useful healing benefits, which are also captured in our Manuka Salve healing balm. Manuka Salve is heat treated and so suitable for shipping internationally from New Zealand.


View west from Maku Products' location in Coromandel, NZ

Kumarahou only grows in specific conditions in the northern regions of New Zealand. I initially transplanted some Kumarahou trees in order to make them more accessible, these trees have multiplied to the extent that I am able to share the dehydrated leaves.

All manufacturing of these products is done by hand, respecting traditional methods. I have had 100% customer satisfaction to date, but would be happy to replace or refund any product if it is returned as unsatisfactory within a month of purchase.

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